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Provide accurate solutions according to customer requirements

Before an object has color and color, the feeling is different. The color has more or less influence on peoples mood, psychology and behavior. In social production and life, we shou......

  • The charm of furniture in different colors

    The fascination of shop furniture with different color. Black : noble and it can hide flaw. It collocate with white and gold is appropriate, make the color white and gold more shining. White : reflecting all beam, make people feel clean and......

  • Stainless steel showcases become popular in shop furniture

    Stainless steel becomes the popular material in display furniture especially the jewelry display. The traditional display furniture design cant wood material , at the mention of jewelry display, people always think of the wood with baking p......

  • Booth design, color application is the key

    The proper use of colors in the booth design can create a good atmosphere for exhibition and make the exhibits more artistic. Ideal and perfect color design, with strong visual appeal, can fully embody the artistic charm of the display spac......

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