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Welcome to MJ kiosk showcase Co., Ltd.  MJ has its own professional factory.

We mainly supply commercial furniture in different industries like jewelry,cosmetic,watch, sunglasses, toy,and museums in mall or retail store.Custom store fixture, display showcase, kiosk, salon furniture, include Pharmacy cabinet, Pharmacy store furniture, Cashier counter, Clothing rack, Hair salon furniture, Civilization salon, Jewelry display cabinet, Cosmetics display cabinet,Optical display cabinets, Glass display cabinet, Perfume display showcase, Electronics display, Mobile display table, Cell phone store, Eyebrow kiosk, Whitening teeth kiosk, Manicure and makeup station,etc., can be made meet the requirement of local regulations, and all the shopping mall and the style, actual area.
We have excellent designer, and qualified technical workers group. Most of them had worked on this line over 5 years. All of them are serious about the measure, material, every small detail. They are working in 6 groups: Carpentry group, paint group, stainless processing group, glass processing group, electrician group, packing group etc.
Whatever your needs may be, give us a call or contact us for a free quote
Product pictures or designs related to your store will be sent to you.We can also make design fits all the requirements, and advise you on any modifications you may need.




production process

Enterprise certificate




Professional service team

Our designs speak to who your customer is, creating an emotional connection and brand loyalty to your business.

Construction safety and environmental protection standard

Our team works to bring your design to life. We find and value engineered solutions to achieve your budget and produce a successful build.

Late service commitment

We create mock ups to simulate and test new components and new ideas being used. We work together to solve new challenges and build the full design as a team.

Brand booth space planning

According to the brand industry characteristics, develop booth space layout, create product display unique selling point and brand image highlights planning

Visual management of brand image

Brand store environment design, office environment design, image exhibition planning, exhibition hall space interaction design, product props design, franchise chain store space image design, production and installation guidance

According to customer requirements

Brand space image creation -- brand space, story positioning -- brand space image building -- brand space lighting design planning
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