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Design Process



MJ has a team of 9 years experience from inception to delivery that can bring almost any project to life. Using advanced CAD facilities, our draftsmen always look to find the most practical and cost efficient solutions to your brief. 


If you have a final design please let us know your most basic of concepts, we’ll make store furniture plan for you.This plan can be make and modified as many times as needed for free.


Than we can produce a 3D color rendition of your proposed display unit layout. This will show you how the final production will look, and we can modify or reproduce it till you’re satisfied . 

If you don't have a final design, that is ok, just provide us with similar pictures you have and our designers make proposals at your detailed requests


Lastly, construction drawing with every last details will be made, including the most complex assemblies, counters, furniture and fittings with the materials, colors, craft of painting etc.,


We can also recommend the best solution for your specifications, whether the skills required involve traditional color staining and polishing, or spray application of varnish and paints.
Let us know what you need. We'll give you a reliable quote, and the quality that businesses over the past 12 years.




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