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Store image design principle

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Principles of store image design

A good image of the store space design, store not only beautify the environment, more important is to give consumers a good impression, a better shopping experience, attract the attention of customers, the perfect combination and use of lighting products, increase customer's desire to buy, so as to expand the sales for the purpose.
The prerequisite for store design is to grasp the trend of the times. In the shop appearance, shop head, shop, use color, shape, sound and other skills to show. Personality is more prominent, more people attention.

A, store design must comply with brand product features, from the appearance and style to reflect the status and features of the product.

B, to meet the needs of the major users".

C, shop decoration should take full account of the original architectural style and the surrounding shops are coordinated, "individual" although eye-catching, once consumers feel "vulgar", it will lose confidence.

D, decoration should be concise, rather "inadequate", not "excessive", should not use too much line segmentation and color rendering, eliminating any excessive decoration, do not let users feel too tired". Store to be generous, warm, so that

customers feel at home

E, the store should be unified color harmony, should not be used in strong contrast to any blunt.

F, sign the font size should be appropriate, too thick will make signs appear crowded, easy to damage the overall layout, the substrate color to highlight the name, the name should be concise and easy to understand, easy to remember.
The main expression of color in surface design
In store design, color is a very important design factors, make good use of color, the color of the store design, can be divided into background color, color, and color theme emphasizes three categories, each category with a look at how to choose colors need.

First, the background color. Background colors often refer to large areas of interior ceilings, walls, doors, windows and floors, depending on the area principle. This part is suitable for the color chroma weak quiet colors, give full play to the role of background color contrast.

Second, subject color. Subject color refers to the medium areas of furniture and furnishings that can be moved. They represent the main color effect. This part of the design is very important in the interior color design.
Third, emphasize color. That color is part of the small area display color is easy to change the color, this part of treatment according to personality preferences and environment need to be designed to play a role in a fine. Of course, designers should be concerned about the harmony of various colors, so that the collocation of various colors will become reasonable and achieve the effect of coordination and unification
Window layout

The window is a store's eyes, is the most intuitive to show the brand products of the window, the window display is wonderful, compared to the number of people into the store will be higher, also can show the brand and product visual image, therefore, is the window plays an important role in the design, but also to spend some thought. There are many ways to decorate the window, mainly in the following ways:
Integrated window layout

It is a combination of many unrelated items displayed in a shop window to form a complete window advertisement. This window layout due to differences between commodities, design must be careful, otherwise it will give a "mixed porridge" feeling. Some can be divided into horizontal window layout, vertical window layout, unit window layout.
Systematic window layout

Large and medium-sized shop window area is large, can be in accordance with the type of goods, performance, materials, use and other factors, respectively, in a combination of display window.
Thematic window layout

It is centered around an advertising topic, organizing different types of goods around a particular event, and delivering an appealing theme to the media. It can be divided into: the festival exhibition -- to celebrate a festival theme composed of special holiday window; event display -- an activity in society as the theme, the related commodity combination window; scene display -- according to the use of commodity, the relevance of the variety of goods in the window is set to a specific scene, in the customer's purchase behavior.
Specific window layout

The use of different artistic forms and methods to concentrate on a product in a window, such as a single commodity, a particular display, and a particular display of a commodity model.
Store image content

Store design is not a simple design, display, decoration, color, props and so on, but involves many aspects, specifically, the store image design mainly involves the following aspects:

(1) shop signs. Shop signs include the name of the shop, standard words, standard colors, trademarks, etc..

(2) store merchandise. Store goods mainly refers to the quality of the goods, origin and price.

(3) shop windows and storefronts. Store window and facade design is an important way to show fashion, create a theme atmosphere and attract customers' attention.

(4) store space. Store space layout, including commodity display, lighting, auxiliary props, and so on, set off the theme of commodity style, and create a good shopping environment.

(5) shop staff work clothes. Indeed, the uniform and dignified work clothes of the shop assistants are pleasing to the eye and conducive to the creation of good visual images.

(6) shop packing supplies. If the store can better use the style of bags, patterns, colors and production materials, will help to reflect the distinctive personality of the shop.
This is a set of store image design, need to design some aspects, if continue to dig, there is still a lot of content to be developed.


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