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Booth design, color application is the key

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The proper use of colors in the booth design can create a good atmosphere for exhibition and make the exhibits more artistic. Ideal and perfect color design, with strong visual appeal, can fully embody the artistic charm of the display space.
Booth color design should pay attention to several key points, which determine the relationship between color color tone, good exhibition exhibition, the exhibition special color, can be better for the exhibition service.
In the display design to determine the color tone according to the exhibition theme of the exhibition and Exhibition time. The use of color tone is skill oriented. For example, for the general commercial exhibition, display color design mostly with pastel shades of neutral, so you can better highlight the exhibits; and in a historic theme of the exhibition, in order to reflect the historical changes of the vicissitudes of life, the traditional culture of the solemn and dignified, in exhibition design color should be thick, solemn, calm low tones; and for the similar nature of the sales exhibitions, in order to stimulate visitors consumption desire, active exhibition atmosphere, using the design of high tone.
Of course, exhibition time must also be taken into account in exhibition design. For example, the winter exhibition, because outside is very cold, to create a warm, warm atmosphere, to meet the psychological needs of people, warm tone is the main tone of the whole exhibition, with people's psychological needs coincide, can attract more visitors attention; in the Summer Exhibition, the outdoor temperature is high, in order to give visitors a cool, quiet feeling, the display design should be the main color.
The color design should show the personality of the exhibition stand. With the change and development of today's display design, the display of design individuality has become an important standard to measure the quality of an exhibit. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, how many enterprises in the talent shows itself in the booth, the company's products, brands and characteristics, in order to attract visitors, the exhibition design design of "personality" is particularly important. To highlight the personality, personalized color design must be fully utilized, only scientific and reasonable use of color and logo for the extension of color, to create a harmonious unity is different from the other stands of the visual environment in order to attract the attention of visitors.
In the exhibition design, the special color of the exhibition should be determined according to the nature of the exhibition and the logo of the exhibition. In general, each exhibit has a standard color of its own logo, that is, spot color display. The proper use of the special color of the exhibition has a great influence on the psychology and vision of the visitors. The exhibition includes special color wall posters, flags, signage, these visitors enter the exhibition hall is the first time to pay attention to, therefore, the designer should start here, to impress visitors to the exhibition. On the one hand, it is not only conducive to the harmony and unity of the color inside the venue, but also to create a good atmosphere for exhibition. On the other hand, it has a great influence on the formation of the brand effect of the exhibition.

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