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The charm of furniture in different colors

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The fascination of shop furniture with different color.

Black : noble and it can hide flaw. It collocate with white and gold is appropriate, make the color white and gold more shining.

White : reflecting all beam, make people feel clean and expanding sensation, white display furniture let a small room looks more spacious

Gold :  a luxury color, it’s bright and shine itself

Red : make people exciting

Orange : creating energy,  represent the warm tone ,also represent health

Green : a color full of young blood,make people feel modest and comfortable

Pink : a color mix by red and white, very gentle

Blue : stimulate imagination,on the other hand it makes people feel strict sometime

Yellow :a color easy to attract one`s eye

Brown:is a color can work in with any color, make people feel easy and peaceful

Gray : a neutral color, can assort with different color

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